The Penacook Historical Society - Washington House quilt square

21. Washington House – Minette Valley

The Washinton House was built in 1847 by John Sawyer and Joseph Eastman. It was a hotel for approximately seventy-five years. A few years later Frank Beede purchased the building and converted the second and third floors into apartments. The first floor has been used for stores, offices, and the F.B.C. Instruments company.

22. Summer Street School – Lora Olsen

Summer Street School was built in 1877. Children from the first through the ninth grades attended. Later, the primary grades moved to the Charles Street School, and Summer Street housed grades four through eight. In 1965, the upper grades moved to Charles Street and grades one to three returned to Summer Street. The school was closed when Merrimack Valley High School opened in 1967. The building has since housed offices of the Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Association and is now ….