The Penacook Historical Society - Merrimack Valley High School quilt square

29. Merrimack Valley High School – Carolyn Baston and Carol Aldrich

Penacook has had a high school or academy since 1849. Classes have been held in different buildings, but primarily in the original Penacook Academy on the Boscawen side, now the Boscawen Town Offices. In 1936, Penacook High School was built on Washington Street. When the Merrimack Valley School District was formed, it was necessary to build a much larger school, and Merrimack Valley High School was constructed in 1967.

30. Beede Electrical Instrument Company, Inc. – Leona Hoyt

The Beede Electrical Instrument Company was founded in the early 1900s by Walter Beede. It is currently owned by Paul Pelletier, a nephew of Mr. Beede. Early products were battery condition meters for crystal radio sets and automotive batteries. Today, Beede Electrical Instrument Company is the largest manufacturer of D’Arsonval meters in the United States. In 1957 the company moved from a building on West Street to a new facility on what is now Village Street.