The Penacook Historical Society - Allen Store quilt square

7. Allen Store – Charlotte Norris

The Allen Store was erected in 1847 by Dutton & Pratt, who operated a dry goods and jewelry store. In 1855 Deacon William H. Allen came into the firm. The dry goods business was carried on for many years by the Allen family. The store is one of the oldest and most familiar landmarks in Penacook. Most recently the store was run by the Georges. The Arthur Bradleys purchased the store in 1977 and ran it as Aris Dry Goods for more than a decade. Donald Guinard established a computer store there during the 1990s. In 2003, a leak in the roof washed out part of the foundation and the building was condemned and subsequently demolished.

8. Covered Bridge – Isabel A. Rolfe

The first bridge over the outlet at the Borough was built in 1854, at the time when Washington Street was laid out. The bridge was carried away by the flood in 1852 and this covered bridge replaced it the following year. It was built by Dutton Woods.