The Penacook Historical Society - Sliding on Depot Hill quilt square

15. Sliding on Depot Hill – Marjorie Rolfe

During the early 1900s, the favorite winter sport of both children and adults in Penacook was sliding on Depot Hill on Merrimack Street. Double runners and sleds sped down the hill with shouts from the riders as they passed one another. In very cold weather the double runners would go beyond the freight depot. Snowplows and automobiles put an end to this fun around 1930.

16. Catholic Church – Winifred Dearborn

The Church of the Immaculate Conception was completed in 1898. Prior to this, around 1853, parishioners met in private houses. During the week, Mass was said at half-past three in the morning, as those employed in the mills went to work at five o’clock. In 1863, regular services were held in Granite Hall, later in the Pantheon Hall, on the Boscawen side, and several other buildings were used before the present church was built.