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  • Ryan on 2015-Nov-22 14:45:45 Ryan said

    Just ate at Jui Thai Asian Cafe at 787 Bethel Road (the former loctoian of Lilly's) and they had a very interesting menu with none of the typical lunch special dishes. I had the Delicious Pork Cake ($3, very tasty) and the Hot Pot ($6) which had noodles, bok choi, napa, luncheon meat, quail egg, bean skin, and fish ball. The hot pot was saltier and more oily than I anticipated, but was delicious all the same. I plan to return with my family next week to try more dishes.
  • Levi on 2015-Nov-23 12:03:42 Levi said

    Well, one thing that's pretty<a href=""> uuiqne</a> to Columbus in the context of the midwest is the many great taco trucks. If you want to go it on your own, here's . You could also Jeni's is a must, as is the North Market and Short North area. You can explore on your own, or again German Village also has its fair share of restaurant institutions. I'd recommend G. Michaels and Skillet.Finally, .
  • Serpent on 2015-Nov-23 18:26:46 Serpent said

    Check out the El mariachi caihns one is located off 161 and Maple canyon in a strip next to a grocery store carry out across from Huntington Bank and the other location is next to a drive thru by the former Butch's Cafe next to Golden Corral off main st not to far from hamilton. Across from a Mi Mexico very good food since they have been around since 02. [url=]zkrady[/url] [link=]fobizrlomc[/link]
  • Hamid on 2015-Nov-25 23:18:36 Hamid said

    We'd love for you to stop by and check out our little place in Pickerington, the Columbus Sandwich Company. High end wraps, soups, <a href="">saalds</a>, sandwiches. Homemade chicken salad that's wildly popular and sold by the pound. We do a lot of catering and have a nice little place with an urban history theme. (all the sandwiches are named after Columbus landmarks)You have a great site thank you.
  • Matthew on 2015-Nov-27 11:52:37 Matthew said

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  • Mark on 2016-May-11 19:40:35 Mark said

  • JimmiXS on 2016-Aug-08 06:33:04 JimmiXS said

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