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The Penacook Quilt

The Woman’s Club of Penacook and other members of the community constructed this historical quilt in celebration of the country’s Bicentennial – 1776-1976. The club was organized in 1876, so it also celebrated one hundred years of the club. A silver tea in October 1976 was held to display this quilt and a number of antique quilts.

Most of the information provided about each square was compiled in 1976, and needs to be updated! If you are familiar with the histories of any of the buildings included, we invite you to share your knowledge by sending an e-mail to penacookhistory at hotmail.com.

Pictures & Descriptions of Quilt Squares
1. Davis House 
Dorothy Ingerson
16. Catholic Church
Winnie Dearborn
2. Rolfe Sash & Door Factory
Isabel A. Rolfe
17. Hoyt Electrical Company
Marion Hoyt
3. Morrill Farm
Mary Ann Morrill
18. Charles Street School
Eleanor Jones
4. Penacook Railroad Station
Helen Rolfe
19. Flour Mill
Peggy Ketchum
5. First Rolfe House
Bertha Rolfe
20. Episcopal Church
Verna Mattice
6. Penacook Police Station
Pearl McGregor
21. Washington House
Minette Valley
7. Allen Store
Charlotte Norris
22. Summer Street School
Lora Olson
8. Covered Bridge
Isabel Rolfe
23. Methodist Church
Hazel Larlee
9. The Pillory
Pat Harbour
24. Hazen Printing Company
Liz Hazen
10. Holden Mill
Yanna Holden
25. Veroneau’s Store
Florence Rolfe Randall
11. Collecting sap
Winnie Dearborn
26. Davis & Towle Insurance Agency
Phyllis Towle
12. Exchange Block
Waunetta Cutting
27. Snowroller
Marjorie Wiggin
13. Baptist Church
Eleanor Jones
28. Penacook Youth Center
Bernice Cummings
14. Fire Station
Eleanor Engel
29. Merrimack Valley High School
Carolyn Baston & Carol Aldrich
15. Sliding on Depot Hill
Marjorie Rolfe
30. Beede Electrical Company
Leona Hoyt


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