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The Rolfe Homestead Project


1790's Nathaniel Rolfe Barn
1774 Nathaniel Rolfe House







In 2004, the Penacook Historical Society acquired key elements of the Rolfe Homestead, including the oldest surviving house in Penacook Village and a unique double English barn, both constructed in the 18th century. These structures were built by Nathaniel Rolfe, one of Penacook’s first settlers and grandson of Henry Rolfe, an original proprietor of Concord.  Our first step after acquisition was to commission an historic structures report for these buildings to document their features and guide the Society in their rehabilitation, maintenance, and use in the coming years.  Rehabilitation work on the 1774 house to date has included roofing, repair of exterior trim, and chimney repair.  Rehabilitation work on the barn and attached carriage sheds has included roofing, grading around the perimeter to address drainage problems, and foundation work.  We anticipate that rehabilitation of the barn will be completed during the summer of 2008.

NEW VIDEO AVAILABLE! Click here to learn about a new video on the Nathaniel Rolfe barn.

1834 Abiel Rolfe House



In January 2008, the Society purchased the house across the street, built by Nathaniel’s son Abiel in 1834.  This 14-room farmhouse remained in the Rolfe family into the early 1990s, and has many original features intact.  The Society is using the first floor for meeting and exhibit space and is renting office space and a small apartment on the second floor.



Listed on the State Register of Historic Places as the Rolfe Family Historic District - Concord (Penacook) New Hampshire.

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